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How I Work

Safe • Respectful • Confidential • Non-judgemental

I believe my first task as a counsellor and therapist is to build a relationship with you where you feel secure and heard without judgement. On that foundation, therapy has a chance of becoming a place where you feel safe enough to share the more vulnerable, challenging, or painful aspects of your experience.


As an integrative psychotherapist, I make use of a number of therapeutic approaches. This means that I can work with you flexibly in response to your specific issues and needs. Alongside my therapy training, I also draw on my training in Mindfulness for Health, with a particular focus on managing stress and anxiety.


One approach to therapy – the person- or client-centred - is at the heart of how I work, and embodies some of my core beliefs and values


  • a belief in the individual’s built-in capacity for health and growth

  • the conviction that a good therapeutic relationship can offer the conditions for that healthy growth to prosper

  • the understanding that my role as therapist is not to direct or lead you, but to work with you to support and nurture your own process of change

  • a commitment to equality and diversity, and a non-judgemental respect for all my clients

As a Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, I work within that organisation's professional Ethical Framework.

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